Postal Exam Tips and Tricks | PostalExperience

By Gavin | August 22, 2018

If you are watching this, you are probably about to take the Postal Exam, and I'm going to give you a few tips and tricks, help you get through it now.

It is stressful for me, I took it twice, and the first time I didn't know what I was getting into, I literally just went in there and took it, and I didn't get the best score, but I did get a passing score, and I actually went in there again, and just retook it after doing all my practicing, and really looking through forums and everything, and I finally I got an 82.6, which is awesome, I'm hoping that will open some doors for me, and I'll keep you updated.

The first thing I want to say is if you're going to take it, study ahead of time if I can, I will definitely post some things below, practice tests and stuff you can take, because there are tests out there, don't pay the money and go, but it's not going to help you, there are free tests and there's a few of them actually, like I went on a few different websites and found free tests to take also, don't psych yourself out, like it's not worth it, you're just going to stress yourself out more, just go in there with a clear calm head, and like that's going to be your best bet, I psyched myself out the first time, and that's what happened now, you have to go through.

There's two series of tests, one you'll do at home, and with that one they're basically looking to make sure you're what they want first, if you don't pass that one, you won't even get a thing to go to the next test, for me it pretty much sent me automatically to the next testing things, and asked me which one I wanted, what time and where for me, I have to drive like an hour and a half just to get there, so I made sure to pick a day that like I had the night off before, so I could study and everything, and I went from there.

But the only part that I really had a problem with was the third portion, but I'll get to that in a minute, when you go to take your test, you don't get paper, you don't get any writing utensils, you don't get to take note, it's not like that kind of thing, you literally are just in a room, and the place I went to there's other people taking tests, that they weren't necessarily for the postal exam, so don't get geeked out, because there's a bunch of people there, it could literally just be you taking that test and a bunch of other people taking other tests.

But the first part they do is the zip code and address comparison, and that's basically you have to set a correct address, and then you have another address, and you have to make sure they match up, if they don't match up, you're going to have either an address error, a zip code error or all the above.

There are practical guides for that, if you're not familiar with it, I definitely suggest checking it out and getting familiarized with it and trying to figure out how quickly you can get done, because you get a limited amount of time for you to get that done, but I did pretty good with that one, I mean it's pretty self-explanatory, just make sure you're matching them up for the second part, it goes over forms, and it's also pretty explanatory, self-explanatory, they'll ask you questions like if John Doe has a package coming enemies assign, which address would be? What one was signed for? And then it's an ABC or D, it's a multiple-choice question, and you have the form to look at the whole time you get the form to look at which really helps, so I mean that part Babs only part that really kind of sucks and this is where I got more like advice for you than anything.

There is the coding portion, which is their third portion of the test, and that is probably the hardest part unless you got a photographic memory which I don't, and with that one you go through, and first, they give you a cheap chart, this chart has three portions to it, and in each portion there are sets of addresses, and they're not necessarily easy stuff, the addresses it's not like you're going 1,000 West Street or 3,000 it's, they're complicated numbers, it seems like a lot taken, but for the first half that you go through, and then I think there are 36 questions, and you have to put which address goes in which section, and if it's none of them, there is a fourth section, that's just none of the above, is a, d, so you go through and you do that well.

When you take the test, keep in mind that that section that list of lists of addresses that you're looking at, you're going to have to memorize that, so if you can kind of start trying to get it in your head and get memorizing, that's going to be a lot of help ahead of time, because it's going to be the same addresses that you're going to be doing later on that, you have to memorize, so you get 36 questions with so much time, I can't remember, I think it's five minutes, I can't quite remember, but you're going to go through when you're going to answer all those now, then you have so many minutes to memorize this whole chart, and then they're going to take it away from you, sounds scary, it's not terrible if you know how to memorize and all that, or if you have some tips to help you, what I found online is a lot of people will shorten them up and abbreviate them, and I guarantee I pride and get them all right, but def only helped with this little trick.

I had said you have a section that has Conrad one through five 42, and then you had the second in category 8k in Category B, you had 545 or 543 through 794, what I did was I just shortened it up, so I went 1-2 750, a B or Conrad a B, so I did one to 750 Conrad a B, so I'm not getting it perfectly, but at least I have an idea of where my things need to be and help me shorten up, I don't know if that's going to be a lot of help for you, but it's definitely worth trying, or at least you can do the practice test and see if that works for you, I've heard of other people even abbreviating like the names of the roads, so instead of 1 to 750 Conrad a B do Co a B, for me that wouldn't really work, but for some of you it might, I mean there's other people who just they drill it in their heads, the same thing over and over, but you are only allowed to so much time, so I guess it kind of depends on how you want to remember it, for me it was just easiest if I kind of went through each section, and did that one to 700 Conrad a B, whatever you know, whatever numbers you got.

But like all I can say really is make sure don't stress out too much, do the practices, it's definitely going to help, if you got a few days definitely take that time to do your practices, and I don't know it can be tricky, I get it, but it's definitely worth in the end, if you definitely take the time to go through and do the studying, I mean some people go in there, like that first time I didn't, and I still passed it, but it definitely helped when I wasn't studied, so if you can go through and study, I will try to post some stuff below even if it's in the comments so I'll post some post that and I hope I can help you.