Shipping and TrackingTthrough PayPal Is Pretty Easy

By Gavin | October 29, 2019

For postalexperience tracking com pos scan and Today I'm out in the factory you got it building Beer Can rings I just go back to the transfer station, I started to build me a camera. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, I came out this morning and I converted the SS one to an SS 2, I built another SS 2 for an order.


Yesterday afternoon I built an M 2 s b SS for another order and also built this morning on angry troll pot for an order, and that caught me all up for. Now there are more orders on the books that caught me up to the point where I wanted to be, then I started building big hand rings, just get to the point, where I was getting ready to do the inside bore and probably showed up, probably spend an hour and a half talking to him about world events.

But now I got to go back to building bear cam rings I got today, and tomorrow to build big hand rings, and I got to build a bunch of them, and I'm not looking forward to it, but I wanted to tell you this, so you would understand as I understand on this particular subject.

Occasionally something shipped out disappears

Occasionally when I ship something out, it disappears drops right off the face of the earth, just gone, usually, it's in Canada, and I've always assumed that somebody stole it along the way occasionally. In the United States, it happens not as often, but it happens just gone. This time I decided to look into it and do some research. So the item I got the tracking number and dial that.

I'll contract it went to a state, I won't tell you which one and what the post-office landed at the post office December 19th, and I kept watching in it, never left the post office state, the post office for over a month just said have received that post office to semen IT, that seemed kind hard, but the plot thickens.

So I went in and I looked at the address that I chipped it to and the zip code, and I got on Google and put in that zip code, and after a muffin around for a while. I got the telephone number of that post office, that's a great place.

So I dial that number, one woman answered and I said I'm trying to track down an order.

No peel box in the address of postalexperience tracking com pos scan

She asked 'do you have the tracking number'? I gave it to her, she put it on the computers, finally she says that's a lot. I said what's that. She said, this order although it has a gentleman's name on it, the address, the street, the street number, the state, the town, everything she said that's the address to this post office, so somebody puts their name on a package and sends it to a post office in another state no., peel box no. she's doesn't have a peel box here.

There was no peel box in the address, so there it sets in a post office in another state, no forwarding address, no post-office box, just as that I said. What now she said, when we get stuff like this that we can't deliver, we put it in a bin no back, and at the end of the month, we sat down and pawed through it see if there's any forwarding address or whatever try to figure it out. If there isn't we ship it back to the sender.

That was over a month ago, if you waited till the end of the month that would have been December 30, that's the 31st, whatever and this is into Twitter, so it's been a month. She said when we send it back we send it the cheapest slowest, be quite a while before you get it.

Go into that bin outback

So you send it back to me and she said this is the key point of the whole thing. She said I can't tell you whether we sent it back to you or not, I can't tell you anything about it, because when it goes into that bin outback we don't keep any records of that.

If it comes in the post office this is not deliverable, it goes in a bin held in the back of the building, and they don't record that it's in the bin, the tracking number stops right at the post office, you can't track it any further. You can't track it to the bin, if they mail it back to you you can't track it, because there's no record of it, it's gone.

Anything that happens after that is not recorded, so if I ever get it back which I doubt I ever will, there's no record, won't go. When something just disappears in the mail my point areas, the United States Postal Service is not a well-oiled machine, and that tracking number is to a certain point, great after that completely useless he just go to a certain point, then it just disappears which was a bit of an education to me.

There's no record for bin back box

If anybody can explain to me why somebody would ship package with a name on it to a post-office when they live, I know this is going to sound weird when they actually live on the other end of the United States, completely on the other end, it's like 3,000 miles away from where they live, they sent this and addressed it to the post office, not to a person, and that's it.

Why he did that I have no idea, I'm completely baffled it wasn't for a whole bunch of money, I'm not going to panic right name, I'm just trying to unravel this, and I don't see any way down a rabbit, because she said they don't keep records on that. So if I call them back up and ask them, if they said they don't know anything, it's just one of life's little mysteries.

Now had this been through PayPal, I could have submitted the shipping information which I shipped through PayPal, basically pretty easy, you just go to the Bob to submit it and they put the shipping number in for you, and the company you shipped it to comes right out.

PayPal is quite easy

All you have to do is hit yes, pretty simple, and it would be covered under the seller's protection plan, and if it got delivered or whatever I get reimbursed for it. Unfortunately, it was paid for with a credit card, so I've lost that, they'll probably stay in that bin, they're probably hauled to the dump somebody to wander in and grab, it walks all the way.

Here have a little more understanding of how can that be, I've got the tracking number, they're tracking it up, you're confusing that with ups, ups actually know where things go, FedEx, USPS, which is basically going through bankrupt that meant we did something to with it, and I can't afford to ship ups. If I did it would add on the average $7 to every order and that's not going to work.

I don't know what I want to go just with PayPal, because 25% of my orders are known PayPal people, and why people don't want to start a PayPal account and I can fully understand that. PayPal can be difficult at times, very difficult and not very forgiving. They have taken me to the cleaners a few times, although other 7 well on this website, 7,000 probably all together all the time.

I've done with PayPal have easily done 12 15 thousand orders, and I've had like three or four that have gone away, so that's pretty good.