How To Get A Job At The Post Office | PostalExperience

By Gavin | August 22, 2018

Someone just typed in how to get a job at the post office, here in the US, the post office is a great place to work I've known, I've had a quite a few friends in one or two family members, here's different areas, different parts of country, but I will tell you how to get one.

You go to your local post office, we get an application from right there or you can get one from online, but I will tell you this pretty good career opportunity, if you don't want to do it with a bunch of mail every day, but I do know as of now, they always have a lot of opens, they stay for close to 1600 job openings across the country, so pretty good chance of any whatever town you're living in, there's an opening for you, so go check it out.

I do know the average hourly wage for a post office worker starts around 21 dollars an hour, that's pretty doggone good, and now too long and that's entry-level that's starting out, so if you've been there for a while, you can make more news, but I do know the average yearly sound salary is about 72,000 one year, that's pretty good, that's not bad at all, you don't need a high school diploma, you need to be a US citizen or have a green card, it doesn't sound like their tube, it sounds like if you aren't got any felonies and stuff like that, I do properly good shirt, you are probably going to get your job, which is great, but what I want you to do is go check that out by all means, you need something to keep you going, but I want you to also check out what I'm doing, go to to see what we got.

Going on now, this is something that's going to be something you can do part-time on the side, and something that's going to make you a lot of money over time, not right away, but over time, some of you can go to get started, work at part-time, a little bit here, then a little bit there, or full-time you make a lot of money, but if you're already working somewhere, you're looking to get with the post office, and you're not going to have a whole lot of time, this is for you my friend, this is for you right here, so go in your, come on, oversee what we're doing, you will not regret checking it out, give yourself 10 minutes, take a look at it, see what we got, hope you can get help from this.