PostalExperience.Com/POS Survey By USPS

By Gavin | February 01, 2020

PostalExperience.Com/POS Survey by USPS

As we all know, the customer's feedback is a necessary condition for enterprises to improve service quality. USPS is no exception, and it knows the opportunity. As a result, the USPS conducts customer surveys to understand customer satisfaction with its tracking services.


The findings are linked to business best practices, marketing plans and other strategies aimed at improving customer engagement efficiency. In this way, the relationship between the USPS and its customers will be closely connected.

Conversely, as a client, you can express your opinion on the postal experience com survey. After all, my opinion is small, but if we don't say it, USPS doesn't know, neither does our appeal.

At the same time, we can learn something from the investigation. When you point out products or services you like or dislike, you will find out what makes you the ideal customer.

This is one of the various ways for the company to tailor services to meet your needs. As you can see, there is a demand for this service between USPS and its customers.

Since USPS has opened this survey port, as a customer, we need not worry about the consequences of feedback.

Whether it is negative or positive, please be sure to submit your own opinions. You can do so without fear of intimidation because every customer under investigation has a different opinion. At the same time, we should also be realistic and take feedback seriously. After all, we also need to spend time.

Today, let's take a look at the USPS customer experience survey and how to do it. Here are the guides. I hope they can help you.

Starting Postal Experience Survey

It is recommended to use a PC browser application, first use the browser to navigate to webpage and select your preferred language. The survey was conducted in two languages, English and Spanish. Click 'Next'.

The next step is to enter the zip code of the area that you bought the service from. This is found at the top of your receipt, right below the location of the post office and above the phone number and date.

Next, you have to select the location where you last purchased the USPS service. Based on the zip code you provided, the survey suggests a location, usually the most popular location in the area.

PostalExperience Com Post Comments

After completing the above steps, the next step is to leave feedback based on your evaluation of the service. Ratings range from very satisfied to very dissatisfied, with other options in between.

The option you choose will dictate the response from the system. If you select 'Very Satisfied', the system automatically appreciate the selection and requests you to click on continue to complete the survey. If you choose 'Very Dissatisfied', the system apologizes in advance for your experience and requests you to continue to complete the survey.

What Is The USPS Postal Experience

The survey gives you ten options to select on how likely you are to recommend the service to a colleague. The response you provide depends on your experience with the services offered by the company.

For every choice, you need to give a primary reason behind your selection. The text box allows you to write up to 2000 words.

Last Step Of Survey

Then, you can answer some questions, which are your own opinions on the service of this USPS. Be patient, after all, this is the last step. Please be sure to leave your valuable comments.

By now, we have completed the survey by USPS, which is only a few minutes. How about the experience? However, please believe that our efforts will make USPS better serve us in the future. Thanks.