USPS for Customer Service for POS Tracking

By Gavin | October 29, 2019

For postalexperience com pos and this post isn't really about Pokemon items but maybe help for other sellers if they've had the same problems I've had here.


Recently I've been getting a lot of items that have been sent overseas to places and they have custom numbers on them, but it costs a lot more to send with Express than it does with first-class or priority, almost an unreasonable amount more, and sometimes as you'll see you'll get a screen that looks like this, where it's saying was process through a soup facility, almost immediately after you send it out in Miami.

The item goes overseas but can't see anything

I think there's another place that it should set up north, even when it goes overseas and then you don't see anything after that. Next thing you've got a buyer, it's coming back to you and he says I didn't get this item. I see that it's in transit, but I haven't received it yet, and it's been a long time.

You call into the post office or you go up to the post office ask if there's any way to track it, they really can't, but they're just being lazy, there is a way that has worked for me recently. I had summoned by two Japanese booster boxes from me cost about 700 bucks, I sent it out, and after about a month they said they didn't receive, and they wanted to know where it was.

I was pretty upset that this wasn't arriving. What I'm going to call it up to USPS, and I told them that what happened, and I said there was a way to track this stuff. You have to submit an inquiry when you submit an inquiry it starts an investigation to figure out who checked in, these customs along the way.

It doesn't update online for postalexperience com pos

Because it doesn't update online, as you can see, even though it's overseas, it doesn't update online because of security reasons, until sometimes it's delivered you'll see it. Now and then showing delivery right up here above this. But it will not always do that if there's no requirement on that at all.

When I did this, let me see if I can zoom in, the guy said he hadn't received, he was polite. If you can read this, it says I submitted an inquiry today, and I told I was taught it should be contacted back in the 17 days.

All I had to do was call this number 1-800 two seven five eight seven seven seven, I kept saying customer service over and over again until I was redirected to a person, then I was told to submit an inquiry. Now I asked for a call confirmation, I might ask for a case, I didn't know that stuff came up. All I did was give me the actual customs label that I had given them in the first place, so to call back after 18 days, if I had not received any messages while I happened.

Move it into an investigation or a stage 3 investigation

What I did was I actually did call them back after 18 days, and what ended up happening was they moved it into an investigation or a stage 3 investigation, and they said that they will now be contacting France to see if they can get anything back from him, they gave me a case ID number and they said that I could use this for proof or whatever I need to for PayPal or eBay or the box, so they can check in on it.

They could up that during this time, before now they anyone could check in on the inquiry with the customs label that you originally had, but they wouldn't be getting any information. This case number was a way to confirm that I was doing something and that it was being investigated and behold.

I was not expecting anything honestly, I will send a letter from the United States Postal office Postal Service, I was not expecting anything, I was expecting there absolutely nothing, it says the Postal Service offense has advises that the article was delivered on or about June 10th, 2013. Here I have a case ID and proof in a letter form directly from the United States vessel personal service that it was delivered.

Find where that package went

This guy saw that a lining wasn't delivered, if you want those steps again as I continue to speak here, I'm going to put them up right here. Hopefully, this can be seen because this is pretty much the steps that I've followed and it worked. If something does get lost, then, of course, it's lost, but this will give you a shot at trying to find where that package went.

I told another buyer of mine who lives in I think it was Chile, that I was going to start up education, and in the end, there was going to be legal consequences. If the item was delivered, I put it said subtly. As I said, make sure that your family members didn't accidentally pick it up, because once I start the investigation, if they do find out it was picked up then there could be legal consequences.

Because that's mail fraud because the way the Postal Service put it with me was that, if it was lost they would cover the full replacement value of it. So you don't even have to have it insured technically, because if it's in their hands and the snake, they open up a case showing that they were lost in their possession, don't pay for it.

What I did, when I said that I was going to submit a case to that other buyer, he turned around within one hour and said after a month and finally around, no need to open up a case.

Call the United States Post Office asked for customer service

I'm giving the feeling that there's a lot of people overseas taking advantage of u.s. buyers with this custom level number, because they know that if they get the package sometimes it doesn't update online. So they'll go online check it out and see that has enough data, and they're going to try and get their money back.

Here's the way that we can fight this back, I don't know if this will work every time, but it's worth a shot, it's pretty easy, you call the United States Post Office asked for customer service, tell them you want to start an inquiry. If you haven't heard back from within 18 days you can call them up, and I should move it into stage three or an investigation.

When this happens, hopefully, they'll get around to sending your letter back saying that they found your package, maybe they didn't, but in some cases like mine, they didn't take them, but a week to send me a message after they moved into an investigation.